Visa to Bali
We will help with visa processing even in quarantine
I want to go to Bali, what to do?
There is a way out! Our company provides electronic business visa services to Indonesia. Now it is the only way for winter tourists during the COVID-19 virus pandemic to get to Bali.
Important information!
E-Business Visa
In October, the Indonesian government issued a supplement to the rules of entry, which allowed entry into the country on a business visa, for the registration of which you do not even need to apply for it at the consulate.
Our company in cooperation with Peak Solutions Indonesia deals with the complete package of documents - E-visa (Electronic Visa), approval at the consulate of Jakarta, and is the sponsor and guarantor of your visa.
Visa for 60 days
With the possibility of 4 renewals for 30 days.
Single entry visa
when you leave Indonesia, it ceases to work.
Sukarno-Hatta Airport
You can enter Indonesia only through Jakarta, then by domestic flight already to Bali.
Processing time
From 5 to 14 working days, depending on the package of the purchased service
The cost
Children of any age are registered under the same conditions as adults. Children must have a passport.

5-7 working days
390 $
- Providing sponsorship from the company
- Letter of guarantee from the company
- TELEX & eVisa
- Report to the Immigration Office
Submit your application
Why is it worth leaving for Bali now?
Low prices
Very low prices for housing, bike rental and any other travel services
Bali is a unique island
Incredible sunsets, amazing nature and + 27 ° C. ... ... 30 ° C degrees in winter!
Few tourists
Now there are much fewer tourists, there are no traffic jams, in a word, the best period for a trip to Bali is right now!
Is there any other way to get a visa?
There is no other way to get to Bali in the fall and winter of 2020-2021. Entry to Indonesia is now possible with business visas with code 211
What happens in case of failure?
In case of refusal to apply for a visa, the money paid is returned to the applicant
How is the registration process?
Do I need to be quarantined upon arrival?
There is no need
What kind of business visa? Should I have some kind of business?
Submit your application
Our manager will contact you and explain the next steps for obtaining a visa
Our contacts:
Phone: +7 965 673-20-19
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